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Which is better: Nikon Z7 vs Sony a7R III

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Image quality

It’s hard to find fault with either camera when it comes to image quality as both are capable of delivering extremely high quality images when paired with good lenses, and from a practical standpoint the difference in resolution is negligible. Nikon tells us the Z7 uses a very similar sensor to the one found in the D850 (including its ISO 64 mode), and based on our experience so far we expect image quality and dynamic range performance to be similar to that camera. Of course, the a7R III is no slouch when it comes to dynamic range, either, performing similarly to the D850 despite having a base ISO of 100 and receiving a bit less light.

Generally speaking, we still prefer Nikon colors, though Sony has made significant improvements to its color science of late. However, Sony’s high ISO noise reduction is a step ahead, leaving behind a nice random noise pattern while Nikon’s JPEG engine can leave behind ‘rice grain’ artifacts.

We’ll be able to provide an in-depth comparison of image quality once we’ve completed our studio scene tests using Raw image files, however most users should be able to extract beautiful, high resolution photos from either of these cameras, particularly when working from Raw files.

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