Two new Mavics

DJI’s orignial Mavic Pro became tremendously popular thanks to an impressive set of features shoehorned into a foldable drone that seemed almost purpose-built for travel. However, two of the most frequent requests from Mavic Pro users have been to upgrade the camera with a larger 1″ sensor, similar to the one found on the Phantom 4 Pro/Advanced twins, and to make a model with a zoom lens.

It appears that DJI was listening to its customers, offering its new Mavic 2 model in two versions: the Mavic 2 Pro includes a camera with a 1″-type sensor and the Mavic 2 Zoom ships with a 2x optical (4x digital) zoom lens, effectively delivering on both requests. Physically, the two models are identical except for the camera module and as a nice touch both include 8GB of internal storage: perfect for that time when you’ll eventually forget to bring a memory card with you.

On the following pages, we’ll take a look at what sets these two models apart, along with some of the headline features that they have in common.